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Homework Time

So, Mr Obama is going to offer his “executive order” on immigration tonight. Constitutional scholars are going to offer their opinions. But I’m going to give you a homework assignment, in two parts no less.

Part 1. Imagine a Democrat held Senate/House and a GOP conservative President. Craft what you might see as an abortion executive order that would elicit the same <em>Constitutional</em> objections regarding balance of powers between Congress and Executive as are debated by, say, the Volokh lawyers in the wake of Obama’s immigration order.

Part 2. If you honestly did the homework of part one, explain why (if GOP) you support the part 1 proposal but object to Mr Obama’s proposal or, if a Democrat why you support Mr Obama but reject the GOP proposal.

(note: if you are “consistent” and oppose/support both, this is probably a sign you didn’t honestly complete part 1).

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    Fashion and the Comet Kerfuffle

    Ms Althouse has some interesting remarks regarding this kerfuffle (I’m going to assume those readers aren’t hiding under baskets and know the actual subject of this particular kerfuffle, which dealt with particular details on an engineer’s shirt during a press release after the successful landing of a satellite on a comet). Mr Reynolds (Instapundit) points that the landing on a comet by a satellite is more important than what a person wears and the “feminists” (or some feminists) were hijacking this event. Ms Althouse in an attempt to “be provocative” suggests:

    And I will be more provocative: In the broad span of human culture, fashion is more important than space travel.

    She is in some ways correct, in other ways not. I will return her provocative remark by noting that which is important about fashion, is exactly the same as what is important about “space travel” or landing on comets. What is important about fashion is man’s search for beauty. This is the central search in science, space travel, and much of engineering. The search for a beautiful solution is not far adrift from the cathedral (architectural beauty) or fashion (beatiful people/clothing). Beautiful clothes and in general the quest for beauty is precisely what was achieved in a different field (aerospace engineering) as what is sought (and I’d offer rarely found) on the fashion runway. Fashion is not “more important” than space travel. Landing spacecraft on comets is the height of fashion for those who don’t do color and form, but instead do maths.

    And I disagree that wearing that shirt is “an attack on feminism”. Feminism celebrates such displays, witness vagina displays, slut walks &c. I’ll also disagree with Ms Althouse that he intentionally “made a statement” by wearing that shirt. More likely, given the engineering culture, is that is was the top “button down” (read as ‘fancy’) shirt in his drawer or closet.

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      Secular Immortality and Two Films

      Two films recently have been very similar (and this afternoon I saw the second, even though it’s been out for some time). Elysium and In Time are very similar. Both feature a totalitarian control on magically efficient health care. In both access to this is highly restricted. In both of them health (or immortality) access is highly restricted. Why? Population pressure is explicitly mentioned on one, but it is not clear that this is the problem they might pretend. As an extreme, Michael Moorcock’s Dancers at the End of Time are all immortal by a technology long lost and long forgotten. Our hero in that story is unusual, he’s the only person alive who was “born”.   Read the rest of this entry

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        Ms Clinton Lays an Egg

        Ms Clinton trumps everyone on the stupid-meter.

        If there is any justice, listen to Ms Clinton. This has to be one of the top 10 stupidest things said by a politician, “business doesn’t create jobs”. Honey, the only thing creating jobs are businesses.

        And she doubles down with “trickle down doesn’t work”. Uhm, “trickle down” is Democrat slang for growth. And if you think growth doesn’t help, then why aren’t we all stone age subsistence farmers? Oh, we’re doing quite a bit better. Why? Hmm, that would be that growth thing.

        If anyone votes for her now, they’re deluded.

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          Better You Than Me (continued)

          Change of plans. I was going to write about Mr Yannaras next essay. But on reflection I ended my remarks on his essay prematurely last night. What were some of the points he made (discussion below the fold): Read the rest of this entry

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            Things Heard: e316n1

            At long last, more links.

            1. More CO2.
            2. Yikes.
            3. I have to say, vis a vis corn, that comparing corn grits and cream of wheat and how hungry I am four hours later in the morning, corn beats wheat hands down.
            4. The minority leader and doing self parody right. Man, she has teh stupid in buckets, eh?
            5. Some politicians around the globe, however, are make Ms Pelosi look less worse.
            6. Neat interior design.
            7. Tranadol found in trees, or more precisely, not found in trees. Interesting though.
            8. ‘cuse me, any “theory of tattoos” has to include “alcohol was involved in the decision making”.
            9. Heh.
            10. On banning prayer at games. Reminds me of the Soviet era story of the pols proclaiming to the crowd how religion in the USSR was dead and gone … somebody in the crowd shouted “Christ is Risen” and the whole crowd responded back automatically “He is Risen Indeed”.
            11. Looking into the near future crystal ball, optimistically.
            12. Relics of the Cross.


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              Things Heard: e315v2rds


              1. Ms Bathory was close.
              2. Human’s are nothing if not adaptable.
              3. Remembering 9/11 and something about it you probably didn’t know.
              4. Max-Sec in the deep south.
              5. Yikes.
              6. More yikes.
              7. Constitutional authority … but don’t worry, Mr Yoo is for it.
              8. Unintended consequence (but … easily predicted consequences should not be unintentional. So is it an intentional consequence then?)
              9. The wrong air force.
              10. Mr Kerry, “if you don’t study” … comes back to haunt, eh?
              11. Let’s see, it is “regrettable” that a guy who thinks it OK to offer that the Israeli Prime minister would wear the teeth of Palestinian children publicly doesn’t get tenure … Hmmm. What’d that site offer on various conservative remarks that lost people jobs or positions?
              12. Incoherence from the left, noted.
              13. We’re waiting for the really really cool lightning bolt.
              14. Liberal much? Geesh. So, do you think that next week they write an essay comparing Mr Obama to Joseph Kony? ‘Tis about as logical and as outrageous.
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                Things Heard: e315v1

                Yet another hotel.

                1. Some theology.
                2. Some things the police has for which they have no reasonable need.
                3. Some history if you follow the linked link.
                4. Well, TR said (I think) “walk softly and carry a big stick.” Our knucklehead in chief has a variant of that phrase, which alas, is stickless.
                5. More here.
                6. Some jokes all with the same punch line.
                7. Crime and punishment.
                8. Global warming.
                9. Cool. (probably literally as well)
                10. Nature’s beauty (and the beast).
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                  Things Heard: e314n2

                  Good, err, day.

                  1. A post sort of against profiling. Profiling is racist when the criteria chosen are inappropriate. if race is a factor predictive of crime then race is not an inappropriate criteria. In setting a defensive line, you put your forces where the bulk of the attacks are expected. This isn’t “profiling”.
                  2. Rape culture.
                  3. Scraping the ugly barnacles from the underside of civilization as a job.
                  4. The prior reality is why “slower to draw” is a death sentence for many.
                  5. Fun and snow.
                  6. Somebody fulfilled their photographic bucket list.
                  7. Government waste examined.
                  8. ‘gainst mines and IEDs … a tool.
                  9. The constitutional right to be an ass. Wonder if the left would be defending that U of I Urbana professor if he wore that in public (and not at work).
                  10. Apparently 83% of American’s are out of their freaking minds. Or the poll is just another damn cricket race. I’d rather the law went the other way.
                  11. Embrace your coming disrespectability. There’s even a beatitude about that.
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                    Things Heard: e314n1

                    G’day, hump day (of my 15 day workweek) is over.

                    1. More grist for the Ferguson discussion.
                    2. Here too.
                    3. Some silliness. Signs like this are pertinent, when people who accidentally do this roam the earth.
                    4. Film.
                    5. I’d go with #10, #9 and #1.
                    6. Some basic points in theology which everyone should agree, here and here … but a whole lot of people get stuck on them.
                    7. Piketty points.
                    8. Confused about the outrage. So ‘splain it for us, eh?
                    9. Well, you always have the two choices, are they stupid or evil?
                    10. I don’t see what’s wrong with being liked because you are smart. Do you?
                    11. Very cool.
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                      Things Heard: e313v1-3

                      Travel travel.

                      1. So. I sorta missed a lot of Ferguson kerfuffle. Aside from the “we’re angry, scared, and affronted … therefore let’s loot lots of innocent bystanders shops” logic fail. Very few facts are out so most noise and nonsense seems to me to be just that. This however, may give some useful information going forward.
                      2. In the context of Ferguson, liberals still striving to keep the black man down.
                      3. Of course, she’s waiting for the GOP field to flesh out. (or not)
                      4. Mr Perry was indicted apparently. So, if the GOP was not behind the indictment … explain why since everyone (pundits and others) “knows” that an impeachment of Mr Obama would (a) not lead to a conviction and (b) aid the Democrats in 2014 midterms, why do the similar (presumably Democrats) think that a weak indictment of Mr Perry which (a) would not lead to conviction and why the don’t think the “b” supposition is also not true.
                      5. The wisdom of our press.
                      6. An answer to the eagles in book one LOTR question.
                      7. ordered the book … (see item 2 above … alongside the why do liberals hate Asians?)
                      8. Well, guesses 1-10 are wrong, and likely somewhat bigoted. The right answer is “one who forgets (a) “judge not lest you be judged” and from which follows the question who is the righteous judge, to which we know the answer.
                      9. The greatest sentence? The Orthodox Christian answer would be the Jesus Prayer. A physicist would say Emmy Noether’s theorem.
                      10. Drones on the move.
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                        Things Heard: e312v5

                        Oooh. I get to work this weekend in the land of hot and dry.

                        1. Stupid human tricks.
                        2. Something about history and ignorance from the prior post is recapped here, uhm, Poul Anderson’s High Crusade comes to mind.
                        3. What to do if your car gets a browser.
                        4. Until a baby sitter attaches it to the family dog and lets it run.
                        5. Academics often tout “there are no stupid questions” … this blog site contradicts that premise with the “multiple attempts … (to ask the world’s dumbest question)”.
                        6. So. Is that a maxim? Is it true that “No coerced virtue is a virtue?” It’s true for charity?
                        7. $11 billion. Yikes.
                        8. Is real?

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                          Things Heard: e312v3n4


                          1. Meta-ethics and theology.
                          2. He’s got the look. (had?)
                          3. Appropriate force, a suggested metric.
                          4. This is not unrelated. And besides, the way Palestine wages war is designed to increase Palestinian civilian casualties. Guess what? It works.
                          5. Ban having wrong effect.
                          6. So. Do you love it? My advice for people who hate exercise, is to use a rowing machine as it has the most bang for your minute giving you strength + cardio hitting all your big muscles at the same time.
                          7. Well, if the headline doesn’t take things out of context, that’s a self-refuting statement. I suspect however, it was merely a laugh line.
                          8. Slurp.
                          9. Unintended irony provided by government incompetence (or is it intentional malpractice?)
                          10. State and the 2nd.
                          11. With that in mind, it seems signs suggesting most efficient behavior would be better than just “merge ahead”.
                          12. A gadget to watch for.
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                            Things Heard: e312v1n2

                            Thumbs up on Guardians …  links?

                            1. In spite of? The rest of the sports world calls it a “contract year” and typically athletes (oddly enough) excel at such times.
                            2. disagree, lives both American, Japanese and others were saved. How about returning eastern bloc captives (to the Germans) in WWII to Stalin against their protestations or post WWII repairing Kolyma transport ships which we sold them in the first place as unforced “bad things” in our past?
                            3. Those many socialist medical advances.
                            4. Technology and the poor.
                            5. Good or bad?
                            6. Training. Which brings to mind the immortal Fausto Coppi quote on training for cycling, “Ride a bike, ride a bike, ride a bike”.
                            7. Pretty.
                            8. If this administration (or other beltway knuckleheads) ask for “loyalty oaths” … grrrrr.
                            9. Possibly confused about the Michael Phelps set, which mixes strength and endurance leaning toward the former, not the latter.
                            10. Because our Administration and the Democrats are absolutely certain they don’t want another repeat of the Martin Luther King Jr debacle.
                            11. More on Piketty.
                            12. Democracy in a nutshell.
                            13. Stupid democracy tricks are not confined to this side of the pond however.
                            14. A pattern begun.
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                              Things Heard: e311v2n3

                              Well, worked hard enough that I think I can come home (sort of) a day early, Thursday night instead of mid-day Friday.

                              1. Our press missed another one. Or did I miss the flood of reporting and in depth analysis (I don’t think I did).
                              2. Spot on, for myself Cassian trumped Augustine and I crossed the Bosporus.
                              3. proposal. Comments?
                              4. So … do you think it worked or not?
                              5. Western Europeans should not be proud.
                              6. Speaking of which, … a suggestion.
                              7. A bad anti-gun argument, which makes a case for women to be armed and trained, which I’m (just) guessing wasn’t the point.
                              8. Boredom. Never a problem with the universe, which is endlessly fascinating, but with you. Kids don’t appreciate being told that however.
                              9. Liberals will never ever believe that even though true.
                              10. So, why illegal (besides government is up to it’s normal tricks, e.g., being stupid). And seems to me you should be signing things to get not refuse liability coverage. Our society has it bas-ackwards.
                              11. Hack. Spit. (all I have to say, except geesh Biden is contemptible)
                              12. No, no no. Democrats are the cargo cultists in that analogy, Kerry is the faux airplane.
                              13. Pride in your country, eh?
                              14. Love of sport.
                              15. Criticism of Pickety (HT).
                              16. A good response to the “plagarism because of PTSD” excuse.
                              17. If you didn’t think people were incredibly weird … just sayin
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