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Things Heard: e298v3

Holy week moving right along.

  1. In my reading inbox.
  2. Call a spade a spade. It’s racism and from the left.
  3. This behavior is not unrelated.
  4. Heh.
  5. We’ve all experienced this.
  6. So which is the extremist. Seriously I think the word “extremist” is ill defined. It might mean those in a particular group that hold strong opinions furthest from the center of that group. It also might mean those who hold opinions farthest from the center of groups to which I belong. For example, terrorism seems to be a mainstream middle of the road standard operating procedure for Palestinians in/near Israel. Yet terrorist from there are called “extremists”. Seems to me if your actions and opinions are median in the group to which you belong you aren’t an extremist.
  7. Carbon based not-quite life-yet forms.
  8. Yap, you know … you can figure out what drugs they took in at those all night binges, and so on … or maybe not quite.
  9. And you started out so well, and then had to go … there. Look I realize a lot of Protestants think there is a big horrible heresy by the Roman Catholics regarding works and faith. In reality it’s not an issue. Protestants say you need to have faith in order to be saved. Catholics too say you need to have faith to be saved and that the Bible says if your faith lacks works it isn’t real. Logically then you need works to demonstrate that you actually have the faith which will save. What I don’t understand is why they don’t understand that.
  10. On the other hand, this is the sort of things you say when your notions of salvation aren’t from any Christian tradition at all.
  11. Our government executive branch proves that stupid isn’t getting scarce anywhere in their midst. Or putting it less mildly.
  12. A reminder for those in foreign policy.
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    Things Heard: e298v2

    So. Tonight was the last of the bridegroom matins. This one has the Hymn of Cassia, which is a beautiful liturgical poem. Links?

    1. Mr Obama’s assassination insurance still on the job, the bombing was “worth it” indeed.
    2. Some cuteness. On the other hand, I recall returning from a business week-long trip to my 3-4 month old #1 daughter when she was at an age when strong emotions (both good and bad) evoked tears. She was sitting in the living room, not looking at me because it caused her to cry.
    3. How Congress would unload trucks.
    4. Torture noted.
    5. Yes. I’ll go with “too paranoid.” Much of our supply lines to Afghanistan is via Russia itself. If they wanted to obstruct things, be easier shut that pipeline off by just say’n “nyet.”
    6. But … it’s for the children!
    7. Coincedence? I’d offer … probably not.
    8. That can (usually doesn’t) cost upwards of (gasp) $50 … says a guy who apparently doesn’t ever buy a tank of gas, or take a family to the movies.
    9. The libertarian choice discussed.


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      Things Heard: e298v1

      Hey. Holy week!

      1. So. Growing up and the seeds of who you were where there from very early. A theme found here and here. I saw this film when it had 4 segments. Now it has 7.
      2. Getting there (HT). A pet peeve of me is the dislike especially in cinema that people “are just born talented” and it isn’t a combination of talent and (the missing) hard work that got them to a level of excellence.
      3. In case need a laugh.
      4. Grumbling in the wings.
      5. A book noted.
      6. Using a shotgun to do maths.
      7. “transplant” seems to be a word that would be far more colorful to describe what is being done in the vernacular.
      8. Larmarckian vindication?
      9. And to close … a word of warning. :D
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        Things Heard: e297v4

        So … my sweet wife informs me that the “yellowing” of my pillowcases is due to “overactive sebaceous glands”. To which I replied (mindful of Franklin), “Oily to bed, oily to rise ….”

        1. Technology advances.
        2. So, the “wage/gender’” thing is being discussed in the beltway. Here’s a place to start, Ms Althouse has a key quote at the bottom of her link to it. But you can find un-serious discussions on left (and likely the right). Look, if you dispute this “The part of pay disparity driven by sexism is so small that it will be very difficult to detect in any given case, or even in aggregate.” then you have to substantiate your reasons for why you dispute it. If you accept that point, then there is nothing to do, nothing to fix.
        3. The White House responds, heh.
        4. The global warming credibility gap. Science News admitted the other week there’s a problem which needs explaining. Kinda makes the “science is settled” argument go by the wayside.
        5. For those partaking in the Eastern Lenten fast.
        6. I don’t buy the premise. The time between the two 20th century world wars was about one generation and the time between the big war of the 19th (Napoleon’s adventures) and WWI was much greater than suggested in the premise. The Crimean war wasn’t very big.
        7. Speaking of which.
        8. Narf narf narf narf. Slurp.
        9. Now that is very cool.
        10. Next we will find the canals had water too.
        11. lecture.
        12. And finally a note on the Ali/Brandeis kerfuffle from a non-Ali fan. From which which we can glean a description of government in general and our government in particular. From the “it’s turtles all the way down” we can add and in this case, “turtles” represent incompetence.
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          Things Heard: e297v3

          Spring is sort of creeping in, snow is still however in some weekend forecasts and the trees are still bare.

          1. Worried? There are reasons to worry, I doubt that is near the top of the list (HT).
          2. Women not liked on the left. Is the dangerous girl an aspect to that? You’d think the whole “truth to power” thing would strike a positive chord.
          3. Asses in church.
          4. A suggestion for a development that we’d all applaud. How about knocking down our protective trade barriers too while we’re at it?
          5. What the heck?
          6. Putting the Elane case to a point.
          7. So, need a pick-me-up? You’re feel good moment.
          8. Evil made possibly by euphemism, an example.
          9. Nothing could go wrong with that, eh? Training and supporting bin Laden worked so so well.
          10. Giving restaurant reviewers a bad name … or a wake up call.
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            Things Heard: e297v2

            So, what’s out there today, eh?

            1. Well, there was a study it seems which in part showed that highly politically partisan did worse at objectively evaluating data the better at maths they were. So, birds of a feather, for example … here and here. Flock off.
            2. And on the subject of Obamacare, an study in miniature.
            3. I have to say, my #1 daughter when she was that age. Absolutely loved lemons. So much we had to limit them as we thought they’d ruin her teeth.
            4. That mythical plan rears its ugly head. I think calling Mr Obama’s “plan” for Nuclear Zero a, well, plan, insults everything else that might be termed plan.
            5. So, liberals have a “plan” for cleaning up elections, apparently it involves burning the Constitution. The other “counter” plan the libs bruited involves full disclosure of donations for political groups. ‘Cause that would have worked really well in the McCarthy era … and gosh why not suggest full disclosure of votes as well? Hmm.
            6. For your efficient triple tap.
            7. Liberal Mozilla reaction apparently illegal. Woops.
            8. Grist for your discussions on unions an NCAA sports.
            9. Geometry and Saturn.
            10. Of elections and numbers.
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              Things Heard: e297v1

              So. Spring seems to be slowly springing.

              1. Spartacus is on form. Woo!
              2. I’d imagine so, if you thought liberals were consistent. Heh.
              3. The Mozilla fallout continues, noted herehere, and here.
              4. Of course, things could be worse.
              5. If that’s the story, more stupidity in our educational system.
              6. Of ignorance and politics.
              7. Insurance (and un-)  rates.
              8. Going with the Sarge, “not awesome”.
              9. Our President and liberal press, disloyally serving the cause of disinformation, alas, effectively.
              10. Dodd-Frank and obvious yet apparently unintended consequences. One (should) wonder how, if a consequence is clearly going to happen how it is not intentional.
              11. No. The “idiots” didn’t win, the idiot has a talk show.
              12. Now there’s something to celebrate.j
              13. Ghostbusters and real science.
              14. A lesson for the President.


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                Things Heard: e296v4

                Thor’s day?

                1. Somebody gets it.
                2. Somebody else doesn’t.
                3. A Lutheran crosses the Bosphorus.
                4. Good news vis a vis the NSA.
                5. Demographics may drive our near future.
                6. Well, that’s a simple trick.
                7. So, who knew? The African slave trade of the 18th century was just recapitulating geology.
                8. Two? Two different ways?! Imagination failure is clearly present. There are probably 20 different ways, easy.
                9. That’s just silly.
                10. Miffed? Miffed at whom? Obama miffed at self apparently. What a maroon.
                11. Not getting the whole first shall be last thing.
                12. Jesus remarked that the poor will always be with us … fools will be too I guess.
                13. Yah, in the late 1950′s my dad worked his way though college with they money from his summer job.
                14. So, Mr Clinton is to blame in a large measure. Bet you didn’t know that.
                15. The ludicrous position the left has put itself with respect to the first amendment highlighted here.
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                  Things Heard: e296v3


                  1. Cry Havok! And let loose the (false) accusations of racist!
                  2. Our Brave New World, it has such creatures in it … and good reasons for concealed carry.
                  3. Your (sort of) feel good story for today.
                  4. Given that most of the very rich are liberals I don’t understand their objection to these kinds of results.
                  5. Now the TPM (a very strictly liberal blog) has been holding a stupidity seance and has attempted to trawl news feeds for any and all mentions of misuse of firearms. Odd then that they seem to have missed this story. Oh, wait. He’s a Democrat, that must lead to some confusion on their part.
                  6. Half of a conversation about climate. The questions seem reasonable as do the responses.
                  7. Liberal responses to bread lines is confusing. They seem to envy the shortages and lines of the Communist era countries. I’m confused why long lines forcing to people to get stuff they don’t really want is seen as a good thing.
                  8. Because it is very important that the working poor fund the arts and not rich donors.
                  9. More liberals waxing stupidity and intolerance. It’s like a theme or something.
                  10. Location location location.
                  11. So, one of important “cause cutting” measures in Obamacare was to curtail and penalize re-admissions because they were a sign of … oh, what? Oops. Oh. I see, it’s a sign of people making unwarranted assumptions.
                  12. A man and his lies, exposed.
                  13. Well, to be honest, not just Democrats are stupid. Take modern dating trends, how’s that for dumb?
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                    Things Heard: e296v2

                    And so it goes …

                    1. So, why might one suggest that the US put troops alongside the Poles in Poland, so “can” becomes part of the equation.
                    2. Why I prefer rural roads.
                    3. One of the more imaginative posts for the first.
                    4. I enjoyed this one too.
                    5. Another April first suggestion, with a tweak at Neville Obamerlin.
                    6. One more.
                    7. Death and Mr Obama’s healthcare, if true, just the first of many.
                    8. Why global warming will take a long time to die.
                    9. A stitch in time may save a brain or three, given time.
                    10. Now there’s a election campaign strategy we will not see again for sometime …. hopefully.
                    11. Yer feel good story of the day.
                    12. Of political demographics and the evil rich. Woops.
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                      Things Heard: e296v1

                      G’day. I’m back in the saddle (bike). Woooo!

                      1. Well, I’ve been listening to a WWII history on audible. It’s a shame our President is so clueless when it comes to history. So … are we asking the Poles if we can move troops to assist their preparations? Or not? If not, why not?
                      2. Lent and the endurance athlete.
                      3. This is a common American conceit. Mr Sandefur also noted the uniquenes of America as founded on ideas/ideals with the Constitution. This book offers another example of such a nation, if I read it rightly. This one might counter the linked post.
                      4. The mouse that roared (at the snake).
                      5. If true, yet more academic malpractice.
                      6. Families love.
                      7. Nerd power.
                      8. Armored up.
                      9. lawyer asks ”Can I show everyone how stupid I am, or should I just sit in the corner quietly, … alas”
                      10. Hmm. I think of these things more symmetrically, especially in the beltway. How about “D” for duplicitous and “R” for rascally? Any more suggestions can go in the combox.
                      11. wonder how Mr Schraub and other liberals defend the indefensible?
                      12. Proof positive that God exists. Heh.
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                        Things Heard: e295v2n3

                        Well, the on-site work last night went past midnight, hence my cunning plan for a post from the hotel didn’t quite work out.

                        1. Some four months ago or so, I read that book on recommendation by an acquaintance. I’d recommend this one too. I was joking that my reading that was the unintentional cause of the Putin/Crimean adventure, and that I’d better be careful about reading World War history in the near future.
                        2. So, “how you hold your drink” apparently is making the rounds. A rebuttal (without mentioning beer helmets … wine helmets anyone?)
                        3. Saint Gregory Palamas on the Zen Koan ”Does a dog have Buddha Nature?”
                        4. A man remembered.
                        5. Whew!
                        6. What happens when you misread ”Hetpa” as “Herpa” … and go into a post thinking it’s about snakes.
                        7. A whole winter’s worth for a continent is not “weather”, it’s getting close to being “climate”, eh.
                        8. Or to put it more succinctly, you should be going to, not running from.
                        9. Why check? Who has standing to sue?
                        10. Aristophanes revenge.
                        11. Mr Obama misses Tom & Jerry.
                        12. This will make news.
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                          Things Heard: e295v1


                          1. So, how does a liberal conscious of the Black slavery history think gun control a good idea?
                          2. Alas, it is indeed pretty much a guarantee of diversity.
                          3. Bracket madness of a ‘nother sort.
                          4. Actually, neither of those resemble science. Actually science more resembles hunting for problems or experiments that are interesting and feasible, doing/solving them. Rinse and repeat.
                          5. The modern mirror.
                          6. What we want vs what the our beltway masters think we want.
                          7. What throwing away information gets you.
                          8. Not 19th century, alas. Those ignorant of history, doomed to, well, look ignorant at best.
                          9. The term “Oriental” is Not Racist. The loony left notwithstanding racist terms are not “accidentally” insulting or racist.
                          10. So, a study finds drug to be ineffective. Which wins, the study or the drug?
                          11. That invincible scientific consensus. Policy momentum (like the above) will ignore that for quite some time to come.
                          12. So, the liberal echo chamber has been pushing that one reason to ignore the Koch brothers (on energy matters) is their investments in oil sands. Hmm. I guess this means one reason to ignore Mr Gore and the like are their investments in alternative energy and carbon offset providers. Consistency is one of those rare things.
                          13. Noah and some good signs.
                          14. High drone.
                          15. Hobby Lobby. Read the brief, note the lack of counter argument from the left of the aisle that actually address the points made.
                          16. Or as the demotivational poster puts it, “None of us is as dumb as all of us”.
                          17. It’s called, “education” for a reason ya knucklehead.
                          18. Word migration.
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                            Things Heard: e294v4n5

                            Well, 6 day work-week. Woo! Five down, one to go.

                            1. Feminists seeking a clue. And a counter opinion from other women here (see esp. #9).
                            2. More liberal feminist cluelessness here.
                            3. This, on the other hand is what real feminism looks like.
                            4. A one liner to live (and vote) by.
                            5. Mr Obama’s FDA, screwing things up one day at a time.
                            6. Parental obvious observation.
                            7. Liberal icon dies. Nobody living or dead has done more to raise the opinion and consciousness of gay social issues than he has. Odd that.
                            8. Climate, extreme weather and cost.
                            9. Here’s what liberals will ignore or dismiss, and it will cost us all a lot of money.
                            10. 8 questions and the Ukraine.
                            11. Some Noah cinema thoughts. For my 2 cents, if Noah is seen struggling with the tiller to keep the boat safe against wind and wave … that’s not Noah, that’s Gilgamesh. The Noah and Epic of G. narratives both had a arc-like boat as key elements in the story. The essential difference highlighted by the latter story (Noah) was that Noah’s arc had no tiller, God not man saves is the lesson. So, a litmus test for this film is this the story of Gilgamesh or Noah, is Man or God your source of salvation? You can tell by asking if the boat has a tiller.
                            12. Lesson regarding Mr Obama and political speeches. Look at the statement in 2008. Look at the subsequent cuts. The statement in 2008 is a bald faced lie.
                            13. Well, if you want proof that the NSA has cracked https. Here it is.
                            14. “Humans can …”, hah! Not me! I’m only good for about 6 to 8, well realistically maybe 100.
                            15. Horrible headline. What? The Earth gave a hip fake to the Sun and did what? Slipped past the blockers on the left? Riiiiight.
                            16. And to end this list for today, something to help you smile.
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                              Things Heard: e294v2n3

                              Woops, sorry. Missed yesterday.

                              1. Government stupidity, example number (big number)+1. Don’t they have, you know, useful things to do with our money?
                              2. Explaining one of the recent Obamacare court challenges.
                              3. Liberals seem to not a fans of “pass it so we can find out what’s in it” either.
                              4. Fun with art.
                              5. This headline made me wonder if there is a hockey player with a name almost but not exactly Fermion.
                              6. A lesson for you parents who try to tell your kids Santa isn’t real (hint: he is real).
                              7. That squares with my intuitions on that.
                              8. Pre-information age org-chart.
                              9. Bureaucrats should be shot more often for malpractice.
                              10. I’ll be we all know colleagues like that.
                              11. Liberal icon rips women and minorities for not cracking books open and studying hard, … oh wait.
                              12. And come to think of it …. examine some of those assumptions.
                              13. Yikes.
                              14. That “historic” drought in Southern California. Odd that same years they had their previous drought years the Midwest had record cold and snow. Hmmm.
                              15. Interesting.
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