Good morning to all.

  1. So, why blog? One reason.
  2. Stating the obvious.
  3. Boxing and the underside.
  4. So, the term “food stamp Presidents” fits Mr Obama or Mr Bush better? Which do you think the media savants figure fits better? Guess then check.
  5. Oooh, the horror of going through the tests in a pretty standard 40+ physical. Gosh that’s so not very mean. Oddly enough nobody (on the left) seems to take the obvious freedom tack, i.e., the government monopoly on prescription and medication availability is not so necessary in the information age.
  6. Imitation and flattery?
  7. Sea levels and the last century.
  8. The “wants women to not be able to protect themselves” segment of the left, who remains apparently unaware that, for example, concealed carry has zero impact on the number of shooting incidents (or for that matter that range shooting is fun). I was surprised myself to learn that “open carry in bars” does not lead to more shooting. On the other side of the question, it’s not really that surprising a conclusion coming from the guy you can’t figure out whether allowing his own birth was a harm done to him or not.
  9. A city car, how much do you want to bet it won’t be available here?
  10. Tool builders on top.