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Things Heard: e208v5

Better (?) late than never.

  1. Cat representing fonts.
  2. Weight loss and the bike.
  3. Speaking of the bike … is this a example of the effects of rapid temperature drop in the Eurozone harsh winter while riding?
  4. And a final bike link, a cute folder/travel bike.
  5. About that Detroit rebound.
  6. Lunchbox inspectors … stimulus?
  7. Speaking of stimulus, looking at the coordination of the stimulus programs and jobs.
  8. A question for the drug warriors.
  9. Grist for the redistributive government/size of government discussion.
  10. Art.
  11. The upside of dyslexia?
  12. Abortion and Capital punishment, a modest suggestion.

Fabulous Food Foto (# 007)

The Missouri Skillet, from Flappy Jack’s Pancake House, in Orange, CA.

A Route 66 roadhouse that is off of Route 55… oh well. The Missouri Skillet combines loads of potatoes, two eggs, ham, bacon, tomatoes and onions topped with Monterey jack and cheddar cheese. Yowser! Toast or pancakes side, and I always add some coffee. A very tasty combination of savory breakfast flavors in this dish. Be forewarned, however, you’ll have leftover potatoes for the family!


– image © 2011 A R Lopez