Police question teens about nude cell pics (HT: Why Homeschool)

FARMINGTON [NM] — Police are questioning a group of teenagers accused of trading nude pictures over cell phones.

The six or so Farmington Junior High School students took pictures of themselves and traded the images, Farmington Police Lt. Shane Whitaker said Tuesday.

“They’re sharing amongst an inner circle of friends. It’s all consensual, they’re not sharing them with adults,” he said.

A parent of one of the kids found the pictures on the child’s cell phone and called police. That led police to begin investigating and start questioning the teens.

The 13 and 14-year-old boys and girls have been taking pictures of their own genitals and breasts.

“They’re taking pictures of themselves and sending it to another friends,” Whitaker said.

The kids who have been questioned told detectives they did it “kind of as a joke.” It could potentially be a crime, however. Police said they expect to take the case to the Davis County Attorney by the end of the week to decide if there will be any charges filed against the teens.

New Book “Stop Dressing Your Six Year Old Like a Skank”

Among pint-sized cheerleaders, itty-bitty beauty queens, and in the malls of America, the sassy-sexy look isn’t just for teens anymore.

Some say younger girls are going shorter and barer — taking their cues from characters like the Cheetah Girls, the Pussycat Dolls and the Bratz dolls — and some observers are saying they’ve had enough.

The Rise of the Pornogogue, III

Here in the Ocean State we’ve recently had a small parental uprising.  A ninth-grade teacher at Cumberland High School assigned a collection of short stories and essays called My Life as a Loser, edited by Will Clarke and John McNally, Ph.D.  I’ve searched three of our local libraries for a copy of the book, with no luck.  From what I can gather, reading the Amazon reviews, the stories on the controversy in the Woonsocket Call, and the defense of the book by Clarke and McNally, it’s a book meant to elicit empathy for the loners and losers in high school, and is supposed to appeal to the teenagers because they know the difficulties the characters are going through: bad hair, a clumsy attempt to put on a rubber for the first time, and being unpopular yet running for student government.  Casual obscenities and crudities abound.  There’s also the obligatory snort of contempt for the “Christian” girl who uses her religion as a cloak for sleeping around.  And there’s a reference to a woman having sex with a dog.  This, then, is what at least one teacher thought would be just the thing to open the minds of ninth graders at Cumberland High School.

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