1. The Onion noted at the Corner.
  2. A big day of remembering Saints/Doctors of the Church. East, West, and Evangelical.
  3. Setting the record straight.
  4. Quoth many a tyrant, if not so outspoken about it.
  5. Perhaps a group to watch.
  6. Very close.
  7. Mr Updike’s passing noted.
  8. A Roman liturgy blog looks East.
  9. A question not answered.
  10. I’m thinking … hopefully March not tomorrow.
  11. On that “right to choose” thing.
  12. Our Southern border.
  13. Well, I have to agree, I hope Mr Obama fails at much of what he hopes to accomplish. I have no yearning for a precipitous slide (slouch) down the Road to Serfdom, as it were.
  14. Discussing the bike design contest winner.
  15. Another big day noted … the ending of 900 days.
  16. Keeping the banks afloat … laundry?
  17. Axios indeed.
  18. Monasticism looked at frankly.
  19. Some statistics, if you believe that sort of thing is worth the paper it’s written on.
  20. Why big projects today aren’t “shovel ready” … that would be, uhm, obstruction from the left. Put that in your stimulus pipe and smoke it.
  21. Nero’s political trajectory, dates, and St. Paul’s Romans.
  22. When Gay bashing is mostly from the left.
  23. More on the SSPX reconciliation … more here.
  24. Moscow.
  25. Heh.
  26. Spector dissed … for doing exactly what I’d advised (and done).
  27. A Silver Star.

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