1. Heh.
  2. Ayers returns … but Rick (?) more than Bill.
  3. Heh … LOL Saints.
  4. Some items in the Pork package … which has no earmarks because you can’t tell. More on “clean coal”.
  5. Real … or satire, hard to tell sometimes.
  6. Great blessing of water … where cold means cold.
  7. Signs.
  8. One consequence of Obama in the WH, Chicago dirt is getting some light.
  9. A true statement about economics … which is one more reason to doubt the wisdom of the stimulus bill.
  10. How can you tell if a politician is lying … Obama no different. Surprise! or not.
  11. Mr Carter and legacy.
  12. A book about a book reviewed.
  13. Does the government create jobs? Technically yes, practically no.
  14. Duality in math is often beautiful. In politics not so much.
  15. Remarks on Obama from a speech writers blog.
  16. Obama looking at Islam with the same pair of tinted glasses as Mr Bush.
  17. Zoooom. Reprised.
  18. Big snake boogie … which begs a question. One reason I’ve heard on my kids dinosaur type planet Earth dvds is that in the ages in which larger critters (dinosaurs and the like) dominated one reasons they were so big was that the earth was warmer and had higher levels of CO2 which enabled more plant growth and provided more energy for the biosphere. So then why is this a bad thing for Mr Gore and company?
  19. Disposable income, where is the crises?

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