1. Waiting for God’s justice.
  2. What the Left won’t admit, “It is becoming increasingly clear that Obama’s proposed policies go well beyond what we might need just to respond to the economic crisis; he’s making a bid for great changes in national policy.”
  3. On the “hoping he’ll fail” meme.
  4. For those who claim the Pope is “out of touch” … a comparison.
  5. As one who thinks that there should be a Constitutional barrier preventing the government to provide insurance (because politicians ignore actuarial data to get votes) … perhaps they should get out of the loan business too for much the same reason.
  6. Housing bubble.
  7. Payroll spending.
  8. Boing.
  9. Wall street, global warming science, likely just a few of many casualties of “over-reliance” on computer modeling.
  10. A question.
  11. Reading in Job for Lent.
  12. A problem with captalism, the productive and competent people are all busy doing things leaving government to the ninnyhammers.
  13. Global warming taking a nap?
  14. Theodicy.
  15. Fasting from idle talk and a few other things.
  16. Sudan.
  17. Markets and the Ukraine.
  18. Coffee and the endurance athlete.
  19. Math links.
  20. Now and then, a quote.

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