1. Some Paschal Links from the East: A Dachau icon, four prison camp liturgies recalled, Liturgy pictures from the seminary, from Esteban, a song, the homily preached in every Orthodox parish on Pascha, and symbolism at the table (in which I wonder how our annual inclusion of White Castle sliders figures in that idea),
  2. Live and word and a Darwinian fable.
  3. Evolution and snake oil.
  4. Information and habit in Baghdad.
  5. On high speed passenger rail.
  6. Heh.
  7. Mr Wilders.
  8. Universal health care in which “and a pony” is not the best remark … but honestly speaking I’ve yet to hear a reasoned answer to my rejoinder that health care requires rationing … and why is “ability to pay” not the fairest method of doing the rationing?
  9. The left’s Ms Coulter.
  10. Verse.
  11. One big factor “keeping the Black man down” and likely one which will not help the “white man” in the future.
  12. Eight years.
  13. A tale (and an amazing book) from the gulag.
  14. Patristics resources.

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