1. Heh.
  2. Brandon answers yesterday’s question.
  3. Art that will move you.
  4. A review.
  5. Travel?
  6. From a Vespers hymn.
  7. Continuing the art/beauty theme for today, ring tones.
  8. From the “not making any sense” side of the left. All the soldiers did in fact get good treatment and attacks by terrorists and non-uniformed personnel is not likely at all connected with our treatment of terrorists in Iraq. There are good arguments against using torture … this just isn’t one of them.
  9. So … Mr Obama’s policies have already (?!) created 150k jobs. I think a stronger and stronger case can be made for the Innumeracy of our President.
  10. Riding Gila.
  11. Dude, just say “Yo!”.
  12. Retaining our humanity.
  13. Microcosm, macrocosm and man.
  14. A decision.
  15. The first part problem with a Churchillian quote by Obama … it’s a fabrication. The second part of the problem is that some SS officers were in fact tortured.
  16. “I think we are losing ground” … thanks Mr Obama.

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