1. Geek chic? (Just say no?)
  2. Not what the typical separation of church/state has in mind.
  3. Experience and dogma.
  4. Moooo(re) fun.
  5. A clarification on the one state solution.
  6. Progress or not.
  7. Running away, not to say that’s a bad thing.
  8. Rome and Kirill.
  9. Wisdom from Aleksandr on violence.
  10. Some words from St. Cyril.
  11. Heh.
  12. For my gymnastically inclined daughter … and lover of pizza.
  13. At least there was no mention of John Galt.
  14. Wrightspeak.
  15. Bells.
  16. Contra High Noon.
  17. A Plantinga paper noted.
  18. Biking in circles in Estonia.
  19. Apparently the liberal orthodoxy doesn’t cotton to Mr Souter in retrospect either.
  20. The Gospel and property rights.

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