1. Looking at the Didache.
  2. Abortion and cricket races.
  3. Stimulus, Chicago style moves nationwide.
  4. Evil and God.
  5. Student debt and academic spending.
  6. Twilight as a Mormon narrative.
  7. Giro recap and a suggested future tactical role for Mr Armstrong.
  8. Hmm.
  9. Earmarks.
  10. Post-modern conservatism.
  11. Various documentary hypothesis considered.
  12. Hacking academia.
  13. Praise for Ms Rice’s books on Jesus.
  14. Spreading the word.
  15. A homily for Photina, or the Samaritan woman … which is the designated reading for this Sunday in the Pascha -> Pentecost cycle.
  16. The desert fathers viewed as sort of a normative ethical Manhattan project.
  17. In Athens.
  18. The myth of the reporters role in the Abu Ghraib narrative.
  19. Zooooming while blind.
  20. 8000 mpg.
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