1. Acronyms and the merry band of robbers in the beltway.
  2. Eugenics OK in Sweden.
  3. A back and forth on abortion and Mr Tiller (follow the links for the whole thing). For what it’s worth, I think that Ms McArdles rejoinder, “My argument is that abortion, like slavery, is becoming in this country
    an issue upon which people have no reasonable political recourse. ” is correct but that the Christian response to “having no recourse” is not violence.
  4. Mr Murtha’s bridge to nowhere.
  5. Intelligence and the big universe.
  6. Poop and a map.
  7. Some movement of some of the conservative Christian blogs.
  8. Against divorce.
  9. Ill omens and Mr Obama’s Cairo address.
  10. Conservative praise for Twilight? And of course, Pixar.
  11. Wind power generation, which begs the question, will Mr Obama’s administration get serious about nuclear energy? Because if they don’t this whole “global warming” carbon thing is just a stinking crock of hooey.
  12. Hmm.
  13. Income discrepancy.
  14. The clarion call for Asian representation on the court.

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