1. A book recommended.
  2. Of argument and abortion.
  3. Of Mr Obama and the Sudan.
  4. Kool.
  5. Other weapons.
  6. What post-modern President means … or Mr Orwell comes home.
  7. One high risk lifestyle leads to another.
  8. Einstein and Samuel and King Saul.
  9. Exactly!!
  10. Philosophy and the spiritual life.
  11. Does she not get that the left does this all the time too?
  12. Broooadwaaay.
  13. Arrgh, SOX take 2.
  14. A blogger makes a prediction … and we can hope.
  15. Iran opposition also criticizes Mr Obama.
  16. I’ve been memed.
  17. Who needs oversight when they’re “smart”.
  18. This piece starts with an interesting question, if the Iran protestors want silence … why are so many of their signs in English?

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