1. “This outfit says everything I ever dreamed of saying about postmodern deconstructive faux-nouveau absurdist organic neoclassicism, and it does it without irony!Hmm.
  2. Of issue ownership.
  3. Gosh, why doesn’t he just mandate all cars be diesel?
  4. Scrambling to change the message?
  5. All without mentioning the crown of martyrdom.
  6. Crediting the Cairo speech!? Hmm, I’ve seen that … I wonder when it will occur to them that perhaps more credit is due to two real not-pro-forma and not-faked democratic elections by a neighboring state.
  7. Obama, uhm, flip flops on Iran and finally says the right thing. It shouldn’t have taken two weeks … and do you believe he means it?
  8. Not a theologian.
  9. The pro-life argument, see it’s not patriarchal.
  10. A letter to self.
  11. Church, state and education.
  12. Jefferson on debt.
  13. Reality TV and crime.
  14. Riding home.
  15. Honeymoon, and the origins of the word.
  16. On Waxman-Markey … yah, what the economy needs right now is a good hard kick in the crotch.
  17. On sexuality, community, and Africa.

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