1. Foreclosures and the economy. Plus rightful blame regarding selling the stimulus and the aftermath.
  2. Hmm, if Mr Obama nominated Moses I wouldn’t support that either. Uhm, newsflash but Moses is dead.
  3. Sexual slavery.
  4. Pope Benedict’s next encyclical is to be out soon.
  5. This is another locus of fragility in our society.
  6. The upside of a layoff.
  7. It’s diet, dude. Diets differ.
  8. Socialized medicine.
  9. Indurain won a few tours as a ITT specialist, Cancellara could too, with the right team support. More here.
  10. On weak man arguments.
  11. Obama lying to the American public? Say it ain’t so.
  12. More waste.
  13. Obama getting Honduras wrong may have repucussions.
  14. A film.
  15. Ms Delsol predicted this sort of thing.

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