1. The other fine line, between funny and stupid.
  2. On healthcare, dissing both sides and even providing a suggested alternative. I’d go futher and suggest all our entitlements should be strictly means tested.
  3. The reprise of the cursed with a child meme.
  4. Bland understatement of the day, “perverse incentives” indeed.
  5. The result of hope and change … and waking up.
  6. Girls and books.
  7. The brewery that brought us quantum mechanics not seen in a good light (and yes, the Carlsberg brewery contributed to funding the Copenhagen institute where Niels Bohr and many others did a lot of the seminal work to develop quantum mechanics).
  8. Big bank profits noted.
  9. On porn.
  10. You’d think Ms Sotomayor would have her facts straight on matters involving the recent high court.
  11. Praise for Ms Palin.
  12. Another elephant.
  13. A debate which reveals as so often is the case more about the debaters than the topic under discussion.
  14. This observation is not unrelated.
  15. Was that song right?
  16. On community.

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