1. This might spur some discussion. One wonders if Mr Sunstein would apply this law/logic to the left as well? For example the various unfounded and inaccurate Palin rumors.
  2. More links. For myself I still have failed to see any credible remarks much less a defense of the Cap/Trade bill in the light of the current economy.
  3. Le Tour and the lantern rouge.
  4. Jobs and the stimulus.
  5. More problems with Mr Obama’s “Russia reset.”
  6. Conservatism and marriage.
  7. Yet more data for the pro-choice crowd to dismiss as irrelevant.
  8. And yet there are those who contended that racism and bigotry does not exist on the left.
  9. A passing noted. I think it might be a good idea to read some of his books.
  10. Jesus is not safe.
  11. Le Tour and the universality of politics.
  12. Mr Obama … trying to color the US orange.
  13. Considering the popular history market.
  14. Posner and Becker on the academic bubbl

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