1. SWFs.
  2. Shame? Shame!? Few politicians have much, as for Mr Obama, well you decide.
  3. According the the cricket race watchers … there is hope.
  4. Raindrops.
  5. Remind me how this would have gone over in the press (and the rest of the left) if it was Mr Bush doing this.
  6. I was going to offer that this post was spot on, but then remembered this is Star Trek … which is not science fiction.
  7. Replace “independence of the central bank” with “independence of the actuarial industry” and the reasoning still holds. Congress remains “weakly accountable.”
  8. Considering icons of the Theotokos.
  9. On global warming.
  10. For anyone interested in theology and science, a essay featuring John Polkinghorne.
  11. More on that topic here.
  12. A quote.
  13. Very very (as in Apollo) cool.
  14. Liberal bigotry against Christians or just ignorance on the part of a reporter?

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