1. Stalin, a topic that generates heated discussions.
  2. Abortion related to collectivization.
  3. Giving up on the latest round of healthcare reform … for myself I have difficulty even with his first paragraph. How can anyone honestly regard HR3200 as moving toward a more “free market” approach to healthcare?
  4. State aid is not stimulus.
  5. Overstating the case? Perhaps but “greatest senator of the age” is a really really low bar in this particular age.
  6. New “rather” damning information in the Rathergate story.
  7. If you think liberalism is on the rise … you stand in a small crowd, according to one cricket race.
  8. A liberal who is conveniently forgetting it was a liberal the last time that brought “guns to a town hall” … and the liberal violence in last election cycle.
  9. That stinking feeling … one fix is to, well, ride. After all once your moving that stink is behind you. An yes, That Sinking Feeling was in my recollection a sublime (and hilarious) film.
  10. The advantages of public run healthcare, giving birth in elevators.
  11. Dress, casual or not.
  12. Concern over Russia … my “canary test” hasn’t registered much change … but then I haven’t been doing that for very long yet.
  13. One prediction of a second (bigger) crash.
  14. A gulag to change its stripes.
  15. An astonishing number, 5%. Related remarks here.
  16. For myself, I have not seen any “fat” people running sub-3 marathons, fast iron-men or in the cycling grand tours .. have you?
  17. Frogs.

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