1. Independence day (really).
  2. Mr Zhovitis.
  3. A trial.
  4. A corruption test for Kurds in Iraq.
  5. On happiness.
  6. Considering Afghanistan … which brings one to be more confused as to why the COIN manual is not more widely read (and therefore discussed) … of its advice and recommendations taken.
  7. Torture works, see.
  8. Kindertotenlieder, in prose (that’s Gerrman for “Songs for Dead Children”, which is a Mahler song cycle).
  9. Heh.
  10. Organ tourism.
  11. Art and an ethical question.
  12. Self-deception and the Christian life.
  13. A historical tome on Lenin and the Church.
  14. Well, I for one hope the TSA doesn’t get the dreaded memo.

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