1. Right or wrong … I think is a mis-phrasing, perhaps mistake or not is better, and yet I think it was in fact a mistake. Preaching to the choir, i.e., the watchers of the other networks, is has its purpose. Reaching across to the other side, also has a purpose and deciding it’s not worth the bother … is a mistake.
  2. Three on the McChrystal leak of the Afghan report here, here, and here. Oops, sorry here’s a fourth. OK, OK … a fifth.
  3. Embarrassment? Hmm, I wouldn’t go that far, the recession is felt world-wide and a cost-benefit analysis might find that a census doesn’t pay … and might just as well wait until after the crises passes.
  4. Friends-for-cash, late modernity strikes in Japan.
  5. Somebody thinks that RFC’s constitute government regulation. Hint: they weren’t.
  6. Travels related.
  7. A new show for the new season … and CERN.
  8. Global warming predicts and increase in hurricane frequency … oops.
  9. Keeping an eye on the healthcare threats, err, bills.
  10. A picture essay … and I think more than several Poles will take issue with these history lessons. Oddly enough, right now on Netflix during basement cycling sessions I’m watching Wadja’s Katyn.
  11. Vote for Ott.
  12. Ugly duckling no longer.
  13. On abortion.
  14. A reply to an atheist.
  15. Mobile tech and southeast Asia.
  16. Putting a finger on the failure of aid.
  17. It is most definitely not OK, and I think even those who do are doing so because its transgressive.

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