Good morning.

  1. Denmark and economics.
  2. Speaking of economics.
  3. St. Nilus of Calabria.
  4. So who would you listen to for advice on what strategy will work, McCrystal or Biden/Emmanuel? There’s really only one choice there … but we shall see what the President decides.
  5. The unaccountable and academia.
  6. Some academic questions tackled. Ought/is and complexity.
  7. Two types of last stands (there may be a third, the one nobody but the relatives of the slain remembers).
  8. How to get people to do things
  9. Uhm, no. Our willingness to accept failure is proportional to the cost of failure.
  10. Well, MacIntyre and his Dependent Rational Animals has come up in discussion. Here’s the man himself.
  11. Intrusion.
  12. Politics in a bottle.

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