1. A cricket race to discuss (for those coming “late to the party”, cricket race is my word for a poll).
  2. Corruption in high places, one approach and the last bit with St. Basil might serve as an object lesson (HT: Ocholophobist, the).
  3. Forgiveness and a not-completely-unrelated prayer.
  4. Money talk.
  5. On the senior handout.
  6. Ms Palin on healthcare (HT: Politico).
  7. More on healthcare here.
  8. The apostolic physician.
  9. “Because it has a perspective” … just like all the rest. Speaking of which
  10. The Maoist in the White House kerfuffle.
  11. Considering recessions and recoveries.
  12. Are these the “new rules?”
  13. Ms Clinton in Moscow.
  14. Working with a beatitude.

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