1. How fast memory fades. There was little mention of this the last few days.
  2. H1N1 lies, apparently told.
  3. A book with advice.
  4. From the outside looking in, the Japanese are often very weird. I wonder about from the inside looking around?
  5. Refining a position on SSM.
  6. Talking about human life and its inception.
  7. Of aid and ownership.
  8. Teen employment and the min. wage.
  9. Will Mr Obama deign to notice?
  10. That’s starting to sound like real money, no?
  11. Managing personal finance, an evangelical convinces a secular b-school graduate on method.
  12. Wow, the lies people tell to demonize the other side.
  13. A new army unit.
  14. Summer dance photos.
  15. McIntyre and climate.
  16. Heh.
  17. Connect-the-dots.
  18. What price failure?

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