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  1. Hmm, wishful thinking? That is, “that mass killings are remembered by history is a critical factor in deterring or enabling future perpetrators for enacting similar atrocities.” Cite? Evidence? Furthermore evidence that a “house bill” will have anything to do with “how anything is remembered” is to assume an inflated view of the effect of symbolic legislative actions (hint: nobody notices nor cares). More here.
  2. Mr Obama and the left on the show trials.
  3. Grandstanding (and a gymnast years later).
  4. Panic and thought.
  5. Green and profit.
  6. I have “100% consistency” on that morality exam. (YNNN YNYN were my answers for what its worth).
  7. Big box.
  8. To the sun.
  9. Letters evolving.
  10. Heh.
  11. Insincerity and the White House.
  12. On Iran.
  13. Somebody named Mr Chait admits do being amazingly dense.
  14. Min. wage and unemployment.

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