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  1. For a site that depends on logical arguments … failing to think logically is a big problem. The statement “slavery was/is not evil because of cruelty” does not depend or imply the statement “cruelty is not evil.” The statement means slavery is evil without cruelty (more accurately does not depend on the evil of cruelty to be evil), but does not imply that cruelty is not also evil.
  2. Oh … Hell
  3. Comparisons of comfort.
  4. Truth to power.
  5. Weather implies climate change? Only when it fits the rhetoric I guess.
  6. What if? Hmmph. That shouldn’t be a question. It isn’t.
  7. Ride a bike.
  8. Heh. Snort.
  9. Yes they do. I don’t think there should be any question about that, although I don’t think “during a recession” is a necessary qualifier.
  10. I hate those “compelling life story” rhetorical techniques … so when they backfire … people should notice.
  11. For St. Patrick’s day.
  12. More transparent administration, is measurably much less transparent. Color me unsurprised.

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