Good, err, day.

  1. A cycling chick. Cycling? How?
  2. UK NHS.
  3. Prince Charles … and the Holy Mountain?
  4. April 18 some years back.
  5. A suggestion. Duh. Yet, that notion will take decades to sink in at the beltway.
  6. Of India and Maoists.
  7. A reading list. Suggestions … or what would you read?
  8. Public finance.
  9. Somebody misses obvious use of irony … and calls it “dumber”. Yes it’s dumb to not notice irony when its being used.
  10. Ride a bike, ride a bike, ride a bike … and racing with handicap.
  11. A book suggested.
  12. Integration.
  13. Eruption, pictures here and here and here.
  14. I’m missing the “weather is not reminder” standard caveat. Oh, its missing because its a warming event. Gotcha. 
  15. Mr Clinton on tea parties, here and here and here.
  16. The next step in the entitlement feeding-trough development.

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