Good morning.

  1. Can they? They did in the former Soviet Union … and didn’t need given new roles to do it either.
  2. This piece is no longer “obscure” news.
  3. Network fail.
  4. Knifely advice. And yes, I know ‘knifely’ is not a word.
  5. G-S and the left.
  6. Sin has color
  7. I’m stuck on “less trendy more stylish,” doesn’t trendy=stylish (asks the very much not trendy nor stylish guy).
  8. A meta-comment on the new $100 bill.
  9. Two drunks in a warehouse of booze.
  10. Lies and the administration. One of the bigger ones.
  11. Real or fiction … a quiz.
  12. Defending the late Senator McCarthy.
  13. Freedom of association.

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