Good morning.

  1. Math and sport.
  2. Gang warfare.
  3. 5000 baptized.
  4. Mikhailovich Bakhtin.
  5. I wonder how many “sex-scandals” in the US are the result of planned actions by the opposition.
  6. I think he means “start using something like a strategy” not “revamp.” 
  7. How to shake the trees and let the rotten fruit fall.
  8. No. No. No. Silly. It’s the climate deniers
  9. A taxonomy, which doesn’t fit my view of self very well at all, seeing as the first and perhaps last axis don’t mesh well with my views.
  10. On the unconstitutionality of the health care bill.
  11. On Confession.
  12. Our Government really really really needs to spend less.

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