Good morning.

  1. Life imitates art, Kafka version.
  2. Hypocrisy and the life of the Congress-critter
  3. Is there anybody dumber than Mr Biden?
  4. Distancing from Mr Obama … already 8 timezones or so away. I think “honest” is a good enough to create a huge separation.
  5. Religion in the land of the Cossack.
  6. Work and joy.
  7. Tribute offered.
  8. The myth of liberal guilt. Not unrelated.
  9. Another liberal myth.
  10. A teacher.
  11. Ignoring taxes.
  12. Pot shots at the most incompetent in our midst.
  13. Deontological dinner party.
  14. In the face of evil, in the absence of God … what to do?
  15. Considering unemployment extensions.

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