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  1. The conversation on Mr Kain’s simplification of motives for war continues. It seems to me pretty clear that the simplifications have problems in that they don’t match motives for war very well and often the assignment to categories are very strained. The question might then devolve to asking what advantage is gained by this simplification. If none, then its just a pointless pedagogical exercise. 
  2. The new 1099 and small businesses
  3. France and the Great Depression
  4. Inequality and red pickled fish.
  5. “Washington Rules” …. Rules!? Rules does not seem to me the best word for rampant venal stupidity inflicted on others.
  6. Case in point.
  7. Talking about intellectual honesty.
  8. Heh.
  9. Tradition done right.
  10. Our future, zero tolerance for dissent.
  11. Pray for the safe travel.

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