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  1. On the eve of the election, it’s irrational to do research.
  2. Divided government and 2012.
  3. I was going to link this, and point out that I’ve never had nor seen such a conversation so I doubt the claims of universality are accurate. 
  4. Going up. Really.
  5. Orthodoxy and those virtues that appeal to men. I think dwelling on those points is problematic but I do like the comparison of nativity hymns, comparing ‘the little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay’ … with ‘the Eternal Logos entering inexorably, silently yet heroically, into the fabric of created reality.’ … although the former is more poetic (in English).
  6. Music and education.
  7. Continuing that thought … “need” is not relevant. Maths (like music) are important for the same reason, see prior link.
  8. Mr Gore, climate hypocrite.
  9. Politics elsewhere.
  10. Dirt and politics (as above) not new.
  11. Lock yer doors.

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