Good morning.

  1. Blaming the GOP.
  2. “God doesn’t want you to change.” … Huh? That’s just about as really really wrong as one could imagine.
  3. The uninsured.
  4. Atheist “ads” and a response, and the point is that the riposte(s) are as “fair” as the initial thrust.
  5. Trust your rack? I don’t think I’d trust the window adhesive that much.
  6. The political thinking of JRR.
  7. A book list.
  8. The dome.
  9. How not to do a public hearing.
  10. TSA.
  11. Advice regarding charity.
  12. An oasis found in the midst of the self-help desert.
  13. Zach hack (HT: Dr Platypus).

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