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  1. Free speech and the left, although generalizing the notions of idiots in the beltway to the rest of the populus is probably wrong … the majority would prefer to just silence FOX I’d think.
  2. Voters intelligence. Too bad the beltway denizens are dumber. 
  3. Divorce and habits of confrontation.
  4. DREAM.
  5. Waffling on the TSA scans.
  6. Iowa, SSM and their high court.
  7. For the Palin fans, a sympathetic NYTimes piece noted. Of the five points listed at the start, 2 and 5 will be disbelieved by the epistemically closed left.
  8. A AGW quote/poll,  “For example, why don’t they appreciate that it’s irrelevant that “97%” of the grant parasites, cowards, and left-wing activists pretending to be scientists in various institutions with scientific names subscribe to the AGW crap?” Heh.
  9. A strange road to charity.
  10. My (admittedly outsiders) view of the sport of golf.
  11. 12 on joy.
  12. Rural China.
  13. Seriously? The TSA considering offering search exceptions to those wearing burkas

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