There is an saying, attributed commonly I believe (without resorting to Wiki or Google) to the Chinese, “May you live in interesting times.” Well … It was offered at work because of snow conditions in Northern Indiana perhaps I should postpone my drive a day or so. I Googled, and didn’t see much.

Well, Northern Indiana was OK. Central Indiana not so much. That part of the drive was “interesting” but while traffic slowed to 40 or so for about 20 minutes of the drive the three or four cars in the ditch were unoccupied, indicating that the occupants had already been eaten by bandicoots. Uhm, I mean that traffic safety personnel marked the cars and transported the affected individuals to warmth and safety. Eastern Ohio and Western Penn on the other hand with night falling and lots of blowing snow was a bit more ridiculous. Lots of cars off the road, many still with occupants. I have driven longish distances on snow covered roads (Green Bay to Chicago in a storm for example). This was some of the worst conditions I’ve experienced. In the blowing snow the roads were mostly OK in Pennsylvania on I-80 (in Ohio prior to Youngstown on there was significant buildup on the roads) but the visibility was quite bad. Most of the traffic on the roads were trucks. One thing I’ve never seen, the truckers all kept flashing their emergency lights when conditions got bad. Most of us car drivers followed suit. 

Anyhow, I’ve stopped a little West of where I’d planned to be … but will be in Jersey in the late morning. 

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