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  1. More grist for the sociology departments lacking conservatives conversation
  2. 27% … that’s basically almost all the Democrats … Seems to me you could argue he’s back ot the base and that’s the extent of it.
  3. What passes for “not depraved.”
  4. Well, that’s one asthetic, there are others. It is my understanding that an asthetic is a method by which you judge art … and after choosing your asthetic criticism is the application of the asthetic to artworks. If you want to use an asthetic that is sympathetic to ethics, then juding art on how it mananges to expose beauty would be in line with a view that ethics is also an enterprise trying to uncover beauty (or the good). 
  5. What truth to power really looks like, the left’s preconceptions notwithstanding.
  6. Getting it upside down. Parents not the government are responsible for the well being of their children, regulation of governmen schools is done to try to accomplish that. 
  7. Iago and Rummy.
  8. Booom. A less violent event here.
  9. Talking cosmology.
  10. Accuracy.
  11. What Nicene Christians can learn from the LDS (Mormon).
  12. Democrat misstep noted. Here too.
  13. And some thoughts (and links) on Darwin.

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