Good morning.

  1. LOTR from another point-of-view. Yikes.
  2. Urban deconstruction.
  3. The man-who-needs-to-buy-a-saddle noted. A co-conspiratorial advice.
  4. “higher productivity is not the answer” (to employment) … which, taken to its logical conclusion, is a call for a return to subsistence farming, after all employment was almost 100% then.
  5. Zapow!
  6. Cooi. A liberal against the teachers union in Wisconsin (or perhaps he’s just confused as to whom the “people” are in this case, i.e., the taxpayers).
  7. Intervention?
  8. Ms Arendt got excommunicated by the intellectual elite for suggestions of Jewish complicity with the Nazi genocide, I guess she just chose the wrong audience.
  9. Economics is a kernel, not the whole picture. Reductionism isn’t normally all that helpful in describing the human experience.
  10. Libya.
  11. Commit to memory.

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