Good morning.

  1. Public sector unions … across the pond.
  2. For the Palin fans.
  3. Well, I’m a Cassian fan … but I’d note he got his eight (not seven) sins from Evagrius.
  4. A liberal talks about his Obama disillusionment.
  5. Heh. And also on the ligher side, do watch this.
  6. Snow rececession not warming … will you see this noted by the anthro-warming brainwashed crowd?
  7. Tunisia.
  8. Oddly enough the left notes (every?) use of violence tinged rhetoric they can find (why?) … but gives their own side a pass. Even those on their own side who use that rhetoric after just recently blaming the AZ violence on the same.
  9. A question … my question is why does anything believe a word Mr Obama says ever.
  10. A lawyer (and non-DOMA supporter) questions the wisdom of Mr Obama’s passive aggressive tactics.
  11. And for those who approve of the tactic … consider it on the other foot.
  12. The effect of unions “to make it harder to find work” … consider we are in a recession in which unemployment is the largest remaining issue.
  13. Ya think?
  14. Regulators and mission creep.

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