Good morning.

  1. Cinema, two films noted, here and here. One old, one new.
  2. Somebody forgot they live in a community.
  3. Losing the libs.
  4. Some links, I’d call attention to the the Drezner link.
  5. The Obama doctrine, caring a little bit?
  6. Just air … and success. “The sad fact is that NATO cannot hope to succeed in its mission — whatever that may be — without combined arms: land, sea and air. An unbalanced force will either be suboptimal for regime change and stability operations or wholly inadequate. Either NATO fights one hand tied behind its back or it fights with the full range of its capabilities.”
  7. Dante and the bike.
  8. Exceptionalism.
  9. Sleazy (dressed) girls for charity.
  10. Correlation is not causation, but … doesn’t it also mean if not correlated you should be able to suggest why they are not connected?
  11. It ain’t over yet, dude.
  12. Faith.
  13. Corruption and maps.
  14. Yet another book for the queue.

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