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  1. Well, yesterday I posted a link regarding the NYTimes and its editorial positions regarding trials and Gitmo. Here is a contest now that they have spoken.
  2. Seeking the magick algebra dust. Similar discussion found here.
  3. Liberals running cities and the result.
  4. Moving mass (commercially) into low earth orbit.
  5. Car insurance ‘splained.
  6. 1099 requirements repealed. Two questions, 17 voted against the repeal? How does that work, why? 
  7. Climate news that won’t see the mainstream, ’cause its off message.
  8. However, intellectual malfeasance will be the mainstream soon.
  9. Eschatological judgement.
  10. Interesting … but I don’t think that claim is exactly right. When he says, “In advanced economies, however, most individuals don’t spend their productive energies in actually producing anything in a visceral or corporeal sense.” I think most of us do produce stuff. Or perhaps that’s a liberal/conservative dividing line, conservatives are the ones ‘producing stuff’, liberals don’t.
  11. Cancer and gene.

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