Good morning.

  1. Evil and strategic imagination.
  2. The corruption of secret knowledge.
  3. You just can’t say that dude, I guess.
  4. Thanking the President? More here.
  5. Libya. Here and here. So, if regime change is the goal now … but not 4 weeks ago. What changed?
  6. Green stimulus … green in the sense of graft.
  7. Climate predictions disapparating, to borrow a Potter-ish term.
  8. The decline and fall?
  9. Lining them up and knocking them down.
  10. Mr Obama and signing statements.
  11. Some verse.
  12. The physics of the bike ride.
  13. I too like their music.
  14. Considering the “for whom” and secondary education.
  15. “We need a better ruling class” … without considering that the rulers we have are a product of our society and the particular nature of our electoral process.

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