Good, err, whatever.

  1. Revisiting the St. Gregory Palamas/Barlaam debate from a Western angle. That is to say, the essence/energies, uhm, thing.
  2. A kerfuffle in the philosopher’s corner of the blogosphere, i.e., the Synthese problem.
  3. Homophobia … not, or so says someone with a bit more skin in the game than I.
  4. That decline in education.
  5. Ooh, a closet Lenin/Stalin fan.
  6. What strikes me as theodicy done wrong.
  7. This years “carbon hypocrite” gold medal winner.
  8. 60 minutes at the Holy mountain.
  9. Apparently economics, in Mr Krugman’s view, doesn’t apply to some commercial transactions.
  10. What distinguishes Syria and Libya, for the White House and policy? Some grist for that argument.
  11. A coming crises?
  12. Groceries and education.
  13. Mr Obama and, uhm, torture … defend and deflect (now that he’s no longer running).
  14. Who is close to the truth, pig or rat? I’ll go with the pig.
  15. Finally, a non-trivial religion/separation Constitutional case.
  16. Zooom.
  17. Prayer … and remarks regarding its efficacy.
  18. Some good links here.

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