Good morning.

  1. Talking death panels.
  2. Europe and stability.
  3. Freedom and the 50 states.
  4. Or Freedom and the Democratic party.
  5. Speaking of freedom. Here’s one more we’re losing soon.
  6. Racism or not? Would it have been decried loudly as such if the speaker was aligned with the GOP?
  7. On Mr Gates rant and NATO.
  8. US Bond ratings.
  9. No no no, the real crime is cycling without wearing cleats.
  10. TARP II
  11. Big media, when you’ve lost the Hollywood air-heads … 
  12. Color me unsurprised.
  13. On QE2, was it a mistake?
  14. He’s right, there are no facts at all without theory, which always predates and defines which datum are interesting.
  15. Contradictions or not?
  16. True or not, why the heck would you want to go public with that?

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