Traveling tonight, which might mean links tomorrow will be in the evening. 

  1. Lazy lawmakers. Who’d of thought such a thing could be possible? Washington not attending diligently to their primary job (making good law)? 
  2. Google and search bias.
  3. Commenting on a stupid move made by Mr Obama.
  4. No that’s a real non-news story (or should I more accurately coin it a news story for which news reporters are only audience). What “spotlight?”
  5. Cost and life. I’d say no. And the question might be what price you would find reasonable. My gut response is a few hundred bucks.
  6. Putting the “no soldiers in harms way means it isn’t war” in context.
  7. Why not in the US? Answer: regulations.
  8. “Are you a flake?” … here and here.
  9. Here’s the thing on the recent Afghan move from FP, “It’s clear that Obama and his advisors approach these decisions as politicians, not strategists.” That’s always a bad move in war. Here’s one who concurs.
  10. This is not unrelated.
  11. Speaking of war, cinema?
  12. LOL.
  13. What makes a man.
  14. Talking CO2.

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