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  1. Some advice for a young man.
  2. So … the bin Laden thing was an assasination. I wonder how that might go over in the land of moral war theorists and liberal hand wringers over war and method? Besides, of course denial of the obvious.
  3. Welcome to the Tea Party dude, didn’t Biden just call that sort “terrorists?
  4. And what the heck did he mean “cracked head club?” Seriously, when you think back to the last election … how can anybody criticize Mr McCain’s choice of Ms Palin in the face of the abilities and public figure we have in the VP slot right now. 
  5. It’s worse than you think y’know. Who do you know that gets the mileage the EPA says your car gets. OK, well I do … but I drive like a dork.
  6. Well that’s how you keep bike lanes clear in cities, eh?
  7. Libertarians amused that they are now labeled as “far right wing.” 
  8. Unbiased media … hah!
  9. It’s actually much worse than that. The reason it’s hard to take Keyensians like Mr Krugman seriously is that their prescription in good times and bad is the same .. increase government is the constant recommendation, the only difference is they’d prefer to lower taxes in a recession and raise them when it’s gone.
  10. A really bad argument offered. “demonstrating among other things that the failure to buy insurance (on the private market) is hardly an instance of inactivity, but rather a choice to self-insure. Replace insurance in that sentence with clothing. Is a mandate for government requirements that you purchase clothing (and not privately sew) … is Constitutional?
  11. For your gustatory enjoyment.
  12. And the presentation of the same.

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