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  1. “Real people” as opposed to the plastic people in the Beltway? What is that?
  2. Those lines are in the wrong order
  3. And here’s why. More on that here.
  4. Remember the left wingers went nuts after Ms Giffords was shot claiming the shooter was a right wing nut and politcal rhetoric was to blame? And then cooler heads prevailed showing that all to be false. The left wingers have short memories it seems.
  5. Racism in the (liberal) media.
  6. A wrap up of the Presidents negotiating strategy of demonizing the other side.
  7. Offence taken for the decorum at a gay pride parade picture.
  8. An interview, the short story of two boys at the end was interesting.
  9. Top automaker that you didn’t realize was out there.
  10. Actually “La Brea Tar Pits” is better … seeing as “la brea” means “the tar”.
  11. How far do you drive instead of fly? Although the length of the stay is an important factor for me at least.
  12. False economy in computer science?

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