Good morning.

  1. That (or A if you missed it) public prayer at NASCAR defended.
  2. Our commercial regulation is out of control, eh?
  3. Finding God at the Puffington Host. (HT)
  4. A debt milestone reached.
  5. Our President in response to crises … follows Ms Palin’s lead?
  6. Java and Oracle. Grump.
  7. Recession or Contraction? (HT)
  8. A climbing wall for real.
  9. If you build it, they will come … or something like that.
  10. Western perceptions and the anti-hero
  11. College and cost. (HT)
  12. That Arctic “tipping point”.
  13. I too have had difficulty with poetry as an art form. Baudelaire was the first poet I read voluntarily. I’ve come to like Homer (and the Psalms) as well. 

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