Good morning.

  1. Well, that’s not very nice.
  2. The upcoming genocide/murders in Libya may have a mass effect.
  3. Collective malaise.
  4. Twitter and an epicenter.
  5. I’m unconvinced in policy argument, but geesh what people will do to themselves is incredible.
  6. 2011, not a good crop year for jokes, eh?
  7. Religion and education.
  8. Standing faithful.
  9. Some science questions for Rick Perry. Heh.
  10. OOOkkay, if you make the claim that’s a hate issue then what about things like “Piss Christ?” Hmm?
  11. A primary opponent for Mr Obama.
  12. So, US sports have nominal drug testing, when will that move to the other highly paid entertainers? Question, what percentage of actors do you think would pass the drug test a pro cyclist has to pass to race? Do you think it’s more than 10%?
  13. An obit. Raise your girls to be like that, eh?
  14. Race and perception.

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