Good morning.

  1. More uncertainty for the markets. Thanks guys.
  2. For those not living under a rock, the re-evaluation of Mr Thomas is well under way as the liberals are starting to get over their racism to wake up and smell the roses.
  3. Example #456753 of governemnt regulations stifling ecnomic activity.
  4. Wickedness considered back then (and a reason to read Ms Midgely’s book Wickedness).
  5. Bill Nye and the weather is climate meme.
  6. Responding to the questions of fans, done right.
  7. Somali pirates and inaction.
  8. That big black bus Mr Obama didn’t ride.
  9. Hollywood and a positive portrayal of Southern evangelicals, wonders of wonders.
  10. Of Hurricanes and adaptation.
  11. Perry’s jet flying
  12. Garmin-Cervelo and a boy.

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