Good morning.

  1. A checklist for Thursday’s speech, for those with the fortitude (or tolerance to blather) to actually listen to it.
  2. And one thing you do know, there will be these in abundance.
  3. That stimulus multiplier … a divisor?
  4. School and real life. What would a public school look like that wasn’t aping an institutionalized bureaucracy.
  5. My reaction is nausea? How about y’all?
  6. The F-35.
  7. It’s a girl!?
  8. My guess, only the teachers are unsurprised by the outcome.
  9. Representation by mono-culture.
  10. Mr Krueger and memory lane.
  11. Manners and mealtime.
  12. Libya and documents found.
  13. When you thought California lawmakers couldn’t get dumber.
  14. So, an editor was fired for allowing a non-AGW supporting document to be published. Some discussion of that paper here.
  15. The greens making a stand against wind-power.
  16. A fight night in the Philippines.
  17. How the left echoes their cries for civility in political discourse after the AZ shooting incident. Or not.

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